PVS Supplies List 2017-2018

PVS Supplies List 2017-2018

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Supplies List for 2017-2018*

Note: Many of these items will be needed later in the school year when the weather changes.

Rain/Farm boots: We prefer function over fashion (though having both is awesome). They should come to mid-calf or higher; it gets muddy at the farm.

Rain/Farm jacket: A hooded, waterproof coat that can be worn with layers underneath.  Again function over fashion, machine washable, and able to be worn in warm or cold weather.

Winter Jacket: waterproof, good for hiking in glaciers, hood a must!  If you choose to layer fleece, etc. with your rain jacket, that is fine.  Please make sure you are prepared for the coast in the winter (high winds), and the mountains.

Hiking shoes/boots: There will be plenty of opportunity for these.  One field trip this September is to Mt. St. Helens.  They can be high or low depending on comfort preference, but they should be waterproof.

Sneakers:  Lightweight, good for running and jumping.  Most days regular street shoes will be fine for school, but having sneakers to play basketball, soccer, capture the flag, or just go for a long walk in will come in very handy.

Change of Clothes: Locker should also have comfortable clothes (sweats, yoga pants) to change into for physical activity or because your other clothes got wet/dirty.

Work Gloves and/or Garden Gloves:  Work gloves can be leather or similar for hand protection and good grip.  Please make sure they fit tightly enough to wear while working.  Garden gloves are more breathable and have a grip, but don’t last as long.

Backpack/Daypack: A regular school backpack for every-day school use, that can also be used as a field pack for hikes (two straps, no messenger bags for hikes—okay for school).

A re-usable 7” silicone pouch: for personal first aid kit, color/pattern is up to you (we will provide the contents) find the link here: Amazon: Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags

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Preferred academic writing and drawing implements and a zippered pouch to keep them in.  We’ve observed that there is often a pen style and brand of choice and to leave that to the students.  We will have basic pens, pencils and art supplies here.  Anything personal should be kept in lockers to prevent unintentional sharing.  Pouches are a great way to practice self-expression while not losing your stuff.

Optional: Preferred Technology.  If the student has a tablet or laptop that they prefer, they can use that as their primary technology.  “The right tool for the right job” extends to technology.  We can install Office on appropriate machines and will be using Google Classroom until we find a better app suite to meet our needs.  We will also have classroom tablets and laptops to share.


*Samples of all of these will be on display at orientation on 8/25/2017