Course Offerings

Course Offerings

The table below is a working document of our current course offerings, aligned to the subjects and credits required by the state.  This will always be a ‘working document’ due to our need to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of individual students.  Courses listed below are all adjustable based on the needs of students with the exception of courses indicated by an asterisk, which are required for all students.  In our highly individualized program, the sky is the limit (literally, we can make obtaining a pilot’s license possible).

Peace Valley School’s requirements for graduation are similar but more expansive than Oregon State requirements, emphasizing the subjects of Social Sciences, Physical Education and Health, and Second Languages.

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Subject OR Required Credits PVS Required Credits Available Courses at PVS
English/Language Arts 4 4 Great Books
Composition I and II
Professional Composition
Media Analysis
Creative Writing
World Literature
AP Language and Composition
Public Communication I and II
Short Story Writing
Literary Analysis
Writing 80,90, 115, 121, 122 at CCC
Mathematics 3 Algebra 1 and above~ 3 Algebra I
Algebra II
College Algebra (Math 111 CCC)
Applied Mathematics in Engineering
Discrete Math
Applied Mathematics in Business (Business Calculus)
Science 3 Scientific Inquiry and Lab Experiences^ 3 Applied Physics (Lab)
Applied Chemistry (Lab)
Biology 1 and 2 (Lab)
*Human Anatomy and Physiology
Environmental Science (Lab)
(CH104, CH110, CH117*,GEO142, GEO 144, GS106…See full catalog)
AP options available
Social Sciences 3 4 *People’s History of the World I and II
AP US History
AP Comparative Government
AP Psychology
US History
Latin American History
Special Topics in History
Women’s History
Psychology (.5)
Sociology (.5)
Anthropology (.5)
Historical Analysis
History of the Americas
Cultural Geography
Global Studies
Physical Education 1 4 Daily Practice
Qi Gong
Tai Kwon Do
Tai Chi
Conditioning (CCC)
Karate (CCC)
Personal Defense (CCC)
(130 clock hours per credit)
Health 1 4 *Wellness 1 Human Systems
*Wellness 2 Nutrition
*Personal Health 1 Psycho/Social/Emotional
*Personal Health 2 Home Health and Navigating the Health Care System
Second Language, the Arts, CTE 3 4 Mandarin 1-4 and AP
Spanish 1-4 and AP
French 1-4 and AP
Mixed Media
Fiber Arts
Fashion Design
Independent Study
Office Systems
Computer Applications
Programming (Intro to JS, Intro to HTML/CSS, Intro to SQL, Advanced JS Games and Visualizations, Advanced JS Natural Simulations, HTML/JS: Making Webages Interactive)
Other Subjects and Electives 6 Essential Skills and Electives
Small Engine repair
Construction and Fabrication
Landscape Design
*Personal Finance
(any course listed here can be counted as elective credit as well)
Total Credits 24 30

From ODE:

~ Applied and integrated courses aligned to standards can meet credit requirements

^Lab experience can take place outside of the school in field-based experiences