After Peace Valley

After Peace Valley

walktopupsOur goal is that Peace Valley graduates are ready for life as a global citizen.   That means they walk out into the world as perpetual learners who have the courage to take on difficult tasks and stand up for what they believe in.  This means being ready for university, an apprenticeship, a year abroad, or a United World College. There are many opportunities for young people in the world, here are a few of the paths students can take after Peace Valley.



Need help? My friend Kate Cawood literally wrote the book on helping your kid apply to college.

One path to university is to participate in dual enrollment, meaning that students will be enrolled in college classes at Chemeketa Community College or other schools so that they can graduate with enough credits to enter university as a junior in college if they wish.  This means they will be ready for college academically and emotionally, having practiced within the academic culture represented by most universities.

United World College

Another path is to apply for an IB United World College for their last two years of high school.  Please visit a UWC website for more information about this option.  Know that if this is the path a student would like to take, our MYP curriculum and our teacher’s experience with the IB program will help them on the way to that goal.

College and Career Counseling

Being able to attend university, if that is the desire, and making the most out of time and money while while there is important, so college counseling, SAT prep, and searching for scholarships are a part of the final years here.

Not everyone wants to go straight to university.  Those who wish to enter a trade or journeyman program or those who simply want to take a gap year will be provided for as well.  We are lucky here in Yamhill County that many apprenticeship programs exist.  We also connect students with mentors in the industry they are passionate about, so by the time graduation rolls around students may already be on a trade or college track in a local industry such as farming, IT, culinary, brewing, or manufacture.

Gap Year

Taking a gap year appeals to many students.  If that is the goal of a Peace Valley student, we will help plan and make global connections to study or teach abroad, travel, WWOOF, or work for an NGO before heading on to the next challenge of early adulthood.


The ultimate goal is to bring many options to students of Peace Valley and help them into the world with the skills they need to do what they want.  We also hope to provide enough of a life-skill foundation that if they change their minds, they have the courage and resources to try something else.  To that end, Peace Valley is on the path to becoming a fully accredited secondary institution with all the necessary bona fides to recommend a student to any trade school, university or business.