Can I mail the admissions packet in with just one Forever stamp?
Yes! Our board member Michael McDaniel did a very scientific test and we can confirm that a single Forever stamp will cover the weight of the admissions packet in a regular envelope.


How will I know if you go on a field trip?
There’s an App for that! Families will be invited to download an app (like TeamApp or BrightWheel) in which we’ll put updates about our happenings throughout the day.


How will international field trips work?
International field trips will initially be contracted through an existing and accredited tour company until we know what works best for our students and can make contacts with partnering schools abroad. Students will obtain their Passports (if they haven’t already) and follow the steps provided by the tour company (such as EF Tours). Students will choose among several options at first and, later on, they will be responsible for planning and logistics as part of their curriculum.


Will there be a transcript?
Yes! As each student progresses along their learning path, they will be accruing real credits for real courses. Any student that wishes to transfer to a public or another private school, or apply to University will be able to provide a transcript. We can also grant counselors and registrars access to our course catalog. See our course offerings.


How will students get to school?
Our 15-person van will pick-up and drop-off at central sites (to be determined by the location of students homes) each school day. The van will also be used to enable school field trips, and to transport students to internships or courses at Chemeketa. Students may drive their own cars if they need to get to an appointment for work or a school activity. Peace Valley School is committed to protecting the environment, and encourages families to take advantage of all opportunities to carpool.



Does Peace Valley School offer scholarships?
Unfortunately, at this time, Peace Valley School is not able to provide scholarships.  However, there are several organizations which provide scholarships to private schools independently.  Children’s Scholarship Fund, and the Young Scholars Fund at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation are two options.


Does Peace Valley School offer adjusted tuition for siblings?
Peace Valley School does not offer tuition discounts for family members at this time. Please review our Tuition page to understand what our tuition covers for each student.


What can you do for a student who is college bound?
Internships, AP courses, and credited college courses are all available for students who choose to apply to college. We can also facilitate college visits and individualized college counseling. See After Peace Valley.
How will you address dietary concerns?
All meals will be planned and prepped on site by students and sourced from our own garden as well as other local, organic vendors. This makes flexibility regarding diet very easy. Also, it is a great learning experience for students, when planning meals, to accommodate dietary concerns of peers.

Why aren’t you a Public Charter School? 

There are a number or reasons for this, but first we’d like to affirm that Peace Valley School is a huge fan of public schools, and our formation as an independent school is not meant as a comment about whether public schools should exist or not, we believe they are a vital part of the educational landscape.

The over-arching reason we are not a public charter school is that the Oregon State Law does not support our model.  1. We are too small.  Oregon law requires a minimum of 25 active, enrolled students.  2. We don’t do common core.  We have standards-based curriculum (for more about this, click here) which facilitates student success, but the standardized testing that is required by the state, we feel, goes against our mission as a school as it is arbitrary and requires a level of homogeneity in curriculum that we feel is unrealistic and can sometimes be a negative experience for individuals.  3. The law is too restrictive and expensive.  While the state would provide some funds per student, we wouldn’t be able to afford the resources and infrastructure the law requires on top of our dreams of working on the farm and going on many (sometimes spontaneous) field trips.  Eventually, Molly will blog about this.  Until then, give her a call or send her an email if you have more questions about our choice to be an independent school.

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