Annual Tuition Cost Per Student = $10,000
An initial tuition payment of $1,000 is due within 30 calendar days after student acceptance and enrollment. This initial payment support the annual fixed costs of Peace Valley School and is NONREFUNDABLE if a student withdraws from PVS during the school year. The $1000 payment will be applied towards the total annual tuition of $10,000.

For current students deciding to re-enroll, the initial tuition payment is due in July, following the close of the school year.


  • Full tuition payment made before the start of school year receives 5% discount = initial tuition payment, plus one-time payment of $8,500
  • Tuition paid in monthly installments over 9 months = initial tuition payment, plus nine monthly payments of $1,000 (Sept – May)
  • Tuition paid in quarterly installments = initial tuition payment, plus four quarterly payments of $2,250 (Sept, Dec, March, June)
  • Monthly or alternate tuition payment arrangements may be possible – please contact us to discuss.

      Tuition assistance not available at this time – please see FAQ for recommendations.


    • Daily meals and snacks
    • Daily van Transportation between PVS and pick-up/drop-off locations
    • Travel and admission cost for local and regional field trips
    • Art, craft, design and STEM supplies
    • Student tablets/computers
    • General purpose learning resources (ex. Books, media, software, tools, equipment)
    • Special instruction and mentorship from subject matter experts and guest presenters
    • Travel funding up to $1,000 per student for special travel experiences
    • Up to 7 credits of community college-level coursework per year


    ADDITIONAL COSTS: (may apply depending on student involvement)

    • Band and choir participation
    • Sports and athletic activities
    • Special school projects
    • Costs may vary by activity, location, level of involvement and time of year

    If a student withdraws from Peace Valley School during the school year, a prorated amount of tuition will be refunded based on the chosen payment schedule. The prorated amount will be based on the number of school days attended during the payment period. The initial tuition payment of $1,000 will not be refunded.